Thursday, February 24, 2011


Explore (v)-to travel over new territory for adventure or discovery.

The idea of new territory and the adventure of something different brings me to the outdoors time and again. While scouting a trip today on the Ashley River, Zach Fisher and I set our eyes on a piece of winding creek that we had each never seen before. This narrow piece of water that carved through the estuary made the fauna along the bank seem larger than ever. As we rounded the corner and jumped up our first Great Blue Heron of the day it was easy to believe the beautiful bird's wings stretched far beyond six feet.

This was by no means the first time I had seen a Great Blue Heron, however all of a sudden it seemed just a little bit different. The change was where I was paddling. Each new sight brought great fun. We paddled up to a drawbridge for the railroad tracks that created some neat eddies and I decided to film a sweep roll under the bridge.
With so many beautiful rivers and freshwater swamps there is such a great opportunity in South Carolina to change your scenery an almost infinite number of times.

Coastal Expeditions is blessed with four on water locations along the coast of South Carolina, however our adventures stretch far beyond there. At Coastal one of our favorite things to do is enjoy the gift that is the Francis Marion National Forest. Kayaking on blackwater through Bald Cypress and Tupelo trees for the first time is surreal.

In the following months Coastal Expeditions will be putting on trips that change the scenery. In March join Heidi Champion and I on a tour from our Folly Creek location under the light of a full moon, and then in April discover the treasure of blackwater paddling along the Wambaw.

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