Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Ultimate Classroom

The steward of Coastal Expeditions, Capt. Chris Crolley, often asks visiting educators, "Is your classroom as big as your students' imaginations?".Since the development of the Island Quest program 14 years ago, Chris and our other incredible naturalist educators like Kristina Wheeler and Ian Sanchez have seen how getting students into a place like Cape Romain can change the way a student sees the world. And that's why we continue to do what we do.

Serving students and groups, the Island Quest field study program is a unique opportunity to explore Bulls Island and the surrounding Class One Wilderness Area of Cape Romain with trained naturalists.

If you are an educator and want to know more about our Island Quest program, please contact our office. We offer complimentary trips to educators several times each year so we can show you first hand what your students will experience when the set out into Cape Romain. It's an exploration of maritime forests and pristine beaches that will stay with your students for a lifetime.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speechless about Boneyard Beach...

Sometimes we get letters from people that have explored with us and it makes our day. This is why we do what we do. Thanks for writing, Danielle!

I'm in the middle of a roadtrip from South Carolina to Massachusetts, stopping at the east coast wildlife refuges along the way. Yesterday, I went out to Bull's Island with Captain Wil and I just wanted to say how amazing it was! Wil was incredibly knowledgeable and really charming. He taught us so much on the way out and on the way back. We saw dolphins (and many other animals) on the way there; I've never seen a dolphin! Then there was the island itself, which completely blew me away. I saw 25 or so alligators, a snake, countless birds and I'm speechless about Boneyard Beach. The whole thing was so great I could go home without seeing another refuge and it will still have been worth it.

Thank you to Wil and all of you guys for the trip! I hope I can make it back down here sometime to do it all over again.

All my best,

Danielle S.